MMM Apparels Ltd.
Readymade garments exporter and buying house in Dhaka Bangladesh. It is a private owned company.

Apart from exporting traditional Garments, we are also giving importance to export eco-friendly readymade garments.
We want to expand over the years to help drive lasting and sustainable change across the industry.

Moto of company: Quality, relationship, transparency, environment, friendliness & social responsibility is by far, our main achievement goals.



  • Sourcing
  • Development
  • Follow up and shipping


MMM Apparels Ltd. has the experience and excellent inside knowledge of apparel market. Our supplier chain is very strong; we help you locate the right suppliers at the right price.

  • We continuously sourcing and track new and upcoming manufactures and brands to keep up the latest market trends.
  • Our portfolio includes established and reliable suppliers of apparel knitwear, ready-to-wear, hosiery and textiles.
  • We continuously source and track new and upcoming manufacturers and brands to keep up with the latest market trends.
  • We determine the most suitable suppliers to satisfy your special needs in terms of design, materials delivery dates and costs. 


Product Development:
With our thought knowledge of all the different manufacturer in Bangladesh and some other foreign country so that we are in the best position to help you produce you own products or private labels through reputable and competitive producers.
The whole process is simple first and extremely reliable.

  • Work starting from customer sketches or samples and information. We estimate cost target and then contact several qualified produces who swiftly create the first prototypes.
  • We present with full array of prototypes so buyer can choose the most suitable manufacturer for the particular style.
  • We work very closely with customer design team to follow all the stages from product development to the start production on to final delivery, we ensuring the best results in the least amount of time.

Follow up and Shipping:
We have set a strong Merchandising tem & QC team to follow-up. Organizing and expediting the production, consolidation, customs clearance procedures, shipment and payment procedures of your goods, more specifically.

We have set up a Merchandising team under a senior and experience persons responsible for raw materials sourcing, new sample development & collection samples as per customer designs/sample, also organize proto samples, pp sample and gold seal samples, production follow up with TAN as per customers require delivery dates. Our strict order follow up with factories help us to get customers satisfaction & confidence on us and develop more business.

  • We keep daily contact with all our suppliers to make sure they are complying correctly with the instructions and delivery deadlines.
  • We will update you constantly with progress reports on the status of the production, delivery and shipment of your goods.
  • We are committed to reply to request you might have within 24 hours.

Quality Control:
We have a strong quality control system, Two experience QC under supervision of & senior chief QC do their job.

  • In-line inspection in each section of production. In a particular tie of the day our QA supervisor checks the 30% garments those have been passed by our QC in each section. All the QC’s always check 100% goods. All the QCs submit their daily reports to QA supervisor with highlighting the major points to take corrective action.
  • To ensure with relevant Merchandiser for the correct packing following our packing accuracy template.
  • We ensure quality goods as per requirements through our own inspected by the inspection Team of SGS Bangladesh GTEX Bangladesh, ect.

All garments are being testing for color fastness, pilling, fiber composition etc, according to your desire.

We have also a commercial team for shipping and documentaries & they are responsible to do below job.

  • Co-ordinate with the forwarder to determine the most efficient, fastest and most cost effective means of consolidation, shipment and delivery of each order.
  • We make sure that your goods leave with all the documents needed to comply with your country customs regulation, to ensure quick and trouble-free customs clearness

We check he forwarders and supplier’s document (B/L and AWB, invoices and packing lists) before each shipment, informing you ahead of time if there are discrepancies and instruction the concerned supplier or forwarder to resolve the problem.
We forwarded the originals of all document to you along with simplified payment procedures.
We handle all the payment procedures on your behalf, weather though a global L/C opened in our name or through open payments.

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